Brandon Werner

I believe in the power of technology to improve and enhance the human experience.

At eight years old I was programming Frogger in BASIC and checking out library books on Fortran by 4th grade. I graduated high school at sixteen and then ran away from home escaping poverty and bigotry. Hungry on the streets, I landed my first corporate programming job at seventeen and first startup at eighteen in Paris, France.

I was recruited to Microsoft as part of a skunkworks project to build a competitor to Google Apps, which became Office365. I also helped ship the first version of Azure and was a pioneer in Microsoft adopting an open source philosophy. I have interests around poetry, robotics, microbiology, philosophy, Zen Buddhism, spiking neural networks, and coffee.


I'm currently Principal Product Architect at Microsoft.


You can reach me in email or iMessage at Public Key: APKTID1ssf5e2nUsXFe58LTxTY4YNpFg2BkJF9QBcSKggcYUbBKA

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