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Towards The Essential Product: Microsoft’s Vista, the Apple Watch, and the gluttony of resources

Vista can be a learning experience for more than Microsoft. To me the lesson is that only with a calculated attitude of building an essential product, which can only emerge by the permanent restriction of an organization’s resources, can you keep a company and its products youthful and relevant. Read more

Thanks To Siri and Kinect, Web 3.0 can now happen

Savas Parastatidis wrote a blog entry on the semantic web and machine learning, covering the existing history of this area and discussing the future of semantic processing as well as the false starts the area has had in past.  For hope of a future, he calls to Apple’s Siri technology and discusses… Read more

Facebook, Data Durability, and hacking HBase

I found myself catching up on what’s been happening on the other side of the fence in the HPC Distributed computing world and in particular the Hardoop stack. Boots on the ground implementations of distributed computing are where theory meets the harsh reality of customer demands, network latency and commodity hardware. That’s… Read more

Generative Type Abstraction and Type-level Computation

I haven’t had lunch with Simon for awhile (it’s hard since he’s in Cambridge and only visits main campus occasionally) but he publishes papers at an amazing pace, and every time his language, Haskell, and the world gets a lot smarter. Here he introduces the concept of “roles” to aid… Read more

Tech Trends For Fall Reading: Software Transactional Memory, Cloud Computing Storage, and more

Now that the summer is over and the tech industry is back to work, why not do some good reading?  Here is a good reading list to bookmark. Get up to speed of Generic Programming, or Programming In General My first recommendation is the collected papers of Alexander Stepanov, which… Read more

The Rise Of Functional Programming: F#/Scala/Haskell and the failing of Lisp

Over at Lambda The Ultimate, the best academic programming blog on earth, there is a large debate going on regarding what the future of languages will be for 2008. The most important thing to emerge from the discussion is the larger role functional programming will play. It seems like a safe bet.… Read more