I believe in the power of technology to transform and enhance the human experience. Not having a computer at home, I programmed Frogger in BASIC on the 2nd grade Apple IIe and was checking out library books on Fortran by 4th grade. I graduated from High School at 16 and had my first programming job at 17 with Nationwide Insurance in Columbus, OH.

I joined Microsoft as part of the scrappy team to build the competitor to Google Apps, which became Office365. I also helped ship the first version of Azure and was a pioneer in Microsoft adopting an open source philosophy. I now focus on the role of identity on the internet. I have passions around poetry, robotics, microbiology, philosophy, and coffee. 

I use this space to accumulate some thoughts and observations that occur to me.

Latest Posts

  • Imagination
    A poem about the imagination of children.
  • Schizophrenia
    A poem about dealing with a work friend who has a schizophrenic episode. I learned so much about the disease from him. Ultimately it ended in a paranoia fixation, just as he warned me it would.
  • St. Indignatious (to would-be heroes, a warning)
    A poem about the dangers of “white knighting” or becoming a hero, as it risks you falling in to their pit and disappointing their expectations.
  • Plagiarism
    A poem written about the fun and peril of mentoring younger generations, and how we often pass down wisdom that is not our own.
  • On The Death of a Younger Brother from Heroin Overdose
    It’s a strange thing to know someone for the entirety of their life. Our books usually lay over others so that we are either there at the beginning, the long middle, or at the end – but never cover to cover. To be able to remember the moment your Mother brought him home to the moment you got the phone call an hour after work — from your Father — standing over his dead body. Gun shots are the same.