Brandon Werner is an entrepreneur and software engineer in Seattle. During the time Europe first unified its currency, he helped develop the first international monetary transfer company to compete with PayPal. In 2002 he started The Planning Studio, a technology startup to provide community development corporations with advanced technology to gather and analyze economic data to help their communities revitalize. He currently works for Microsoft in the Microsoft Azure team helping design the next generation of cloud computing platforms at massive international scale for people and businesses around the world.

Recent Posts

Thanks To Siri and Kinect, Web 3.0 can now happen

Savas Parastatidis wrote a blog entry on the semantic web and machine learning, covering the existing history of this area and discussing the future of semantic processing as well as the false starts the area has had in past.  For hope of a future, he calls to Apple’s Siri technology and discusses how the knowledge web will … Read more

Facebook, Data Durability, and hacking HBase

I found myself catching up on what’s been happening on the other side of the fence in the HPC Distributed computing world and in particular the Hardoop stack. Boots on the ground implementations of distributed computing are where theory meets the harsh reality of customer demands, network latency and commodity hardware. That’s why I found this article … Read more