I believe in the power of technology to transform and enhance the human experience. I’m a Principal TPM at Microsoft focusing on artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital identity. I have passions around poetry, robotics, microbiology, philosophy, spiking neural networks, biohacking, and coffee. I share insights I get from these passions in my newsletter.

Always exploring, at eight years old I was programming Frogger in BASIC and checking out library books on Fortran by 4th grade. I graduated high school at sixteen and then ran away from home escaping poverty and bigotry. Hungry on the streets, I landed my first corporate programming job at seventeen and first startup at eighteen in Paris, France.

Later I joined Microsoft as part of a skunkworks project to build a competitor to Google Apps, which became Office365. I also helped ship the first version of Azure and was a pioneer in Microsoft adopting an open source philosophy.

I am happily married to my husband whom I’ve been with for twenty years, and own an adorable Shiba named Batou. We reside chiefly in the rainy city of Seattle. My childhood has left me with PTSD and Panic Disorder, and I use my platform to raise mental health awareness. My younger brother wasn’t able to escape and died of heroin overdose.  If you are struggling with addiction, please seek out help. SAMHSA’s National Helpline is 1-800-662-HELP.

You can find me on Twitter, see my publications on Google Scholar, or join me in the Metaverse.