About me

I have a passion for technology and how it can impact and enhance the human experience. I believe in the ability of the cloud and personal devices to transform our health, our community, and our work.  Unlimited computing power available to every person will change our lives. I also believe that this promise can be disrupted by those whose limited interest tempt them to wound this greater empowerment, and we as technologist are called as gatekeepers of this promise. The future is not dystopian, it is not cynical, it is not cold. It is a beautiful world where our lives are lived with more knowledge of ourselves and others. I believe we will become more fully human.

About my work

I currently work for Microsoft in the Azure team helping design the next generation platform for people and businesses around the world. I lead the design of the SDKs for all Non-Microsoft platforms for this effort including node.js, Java, PHP on the server and Android and iOS on devices. I also drive the open sourcing of Microsoft protocol and identity libraries, and work to modernize the development experience for developers at Microsoft.

I joined Microsoft in 2008 as part of the scrappy team to build the competitor to Google Apps, which became Office365.

Recent Articles

I-75 showing a billboard in the distance and quality of roadway.

On Advertising and the Upper Middle-Class

In Cincinnati, where I grew up, there are two highways that run out of the city. One highway is known as I-75 and the other I-71.  This is a peculiar fork of the Eisenhower highway transportation system, now 56 years old, and the last great American domestic accomplishment – albeit by the influence of the … Read more


Building a Node.js REST API TODO Server with MongoDB and OAuth2 Protection

 This tutorial will give you a quick and easy way to set up a REST API Service.  The sample server included in the download are designed to run on any platform. Even though I use Azure Active Directory in order to protect the REST API you can leverage any OAuth2 server with just a little bit … Read more

The Sandia Z-Machine (c) Randy Montoya

Thanks To Siri and Kinect, Web 3.0 can now happen

Savas Parastatidis wrote a blog entry on the semantic web and machine learning, covering the existing history of this area and discussing the future of semantic processing as well as the false starts the area has had in past.  For hope of a future, he calls to Apple’s Siri technology and discusses how the knowledge web will … Read more