St. Indignatious (to would-be heroes, a warning)

I use to be a god you know,

Bravely withstood every blow.

Indignant as the morning sun

Enemies many, prisoner’s none.

I held the power in my hand

To turn King’s castles into sand

I was so wise in those days

Solomon had to leave and clear the way.

But like always when heroes rise,

I was only so in one man’s eyes.

And to my position I was not appointed

Did so myself, and so, disappointed.

How harsh a drop Lucifer had to fall

I counted myself, a million miles in all.

Fell to earth with a crash.

Felt my crown turn from gold to ash.

I must confess to you I lied

I was not a god in flesh disguised.

Sins against flesh are easily mended.

But those against conscience cannot long be ended.