Category: Computer Science

I write broadly about the computer science topics that interest me most, including language theory and artificial intelligence. I believe that computer science is a science, discovering ever better ways to process the information found in the universe, including ourselves.

Software Engineering Advice

Be excited – the field you are in is amazing and in its infancy. We have no idea what is possible yet. Be inquisitive – I believe our field is a science like biology and physics. The universe is information, and this information cannot be destroyed — even in a black hole. Let this sink in: you …

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Facebook, Data Durability, and hacking HBase

I found myself catching up on what’s been happening on the other side of the fence in the HPC Distributed computing world and in particular the Hardoop stack. Boots on the ground implementations of distributed computing are where theory meets the harsh reality of customer demands, network latency and commodity hardware. That’s why I found …

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What I’ve Been Working On: Microsoft Online Now Supports BlackBerry In The Cloud

For the last few months, we have been working hard on something great for our customers and partners. For the first time businesses and consumers who prefer BlackBerry® devices will be able to purchase both Exchange Online services and Hosted BlackBerry® services together in the cloud without needing any additional servers or software.  This feature provides …

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