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Google Plus Closing: Your Apps Are (Probably) Impacted.

If you added Google Sign-In to your application over the last eight years, you probably followed the advice given to developers at the time to use the Google+ People API. This was recommended even if you just wanted profile or email address of your users, something usually served by the ID token provided by the Google Identity service. You'll want to make the change below, or you could start seeing failures in the next few months.

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Facebook, Data Durability, and hacking HBase

The debate around using Hardoop, and in particular the distributed file system HDFS and HBase,  vs. existing file system and SQL databases has been heating up in the past year. This is an interesting fight. Microsoft says SQL Server Datacenter is just fine, and Dryad uses it along with its distributed file system Cosmos. Oracle says they've been doing parallel dataset analysis and storage since 2001 using SQL with no problem. Meanwhile NoSQL is gaining traction and people are wondering if you need object relational mapping solutions at all.

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What I’ve Been Working On: Microsoft Online Now Supports BlackBerry In The Cloud

For the first time businesses and consumers who prefer BlackBerry® devices will be able to purchase both Exchange Online services and Hosted BlackBerry® services together in the cloud without needing any additional servers or software.  This feature provides the full range of BlackBerry features such as push email, calendar and address book through their device.

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